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"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" Pablo Picasso

Imagine taking time out from the madness of modern life! You are sitting painting with the sounds of the birds outside; a warm breeze is drifting in through the arched doors and you have just been given a delicious cup of coffee as your morning work session begins. You have a mouth-watering lunch to look forward to, perhaps followed by a quiet lounge in the sun or the chance to enjoy sitting in the shade with one of our extensive collection of art books. It's not a dream; it's real. This is the relaxing and inspirational atmosphere here at the Escrimis La Chapelle Atelier.

​Whether you choose to attend one of our tutored courses or visit with your own art group, you will find it a memorable and uplifting experience.

​We are fortunate to be able to offer top quality tutored courses by some very well-established artists. The opportunity to create and learn from their valuable experience in such charming surroundings is unforgettable. During the course you will be working in the atelier, but we also offer you the opportunity to work 'en plein air'.

Participants of all abilities are welcomed, but some courses may require a certain level of attainment; please do contact us for further information. You will be encouraged to feel confident and enjoy developing your skills during our well planned and organised course. All classes are in English. Various mediums will be used depending on the course. ​

You will need to bring your own materials, but we will have a supply of some items as there are no art shops in the region. We will provide easels and art boards and the usual pots and palettes. A suggested list will be sent out one month prior to the course by the tutor.

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