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"Creativity is contagious. Pass it on" Albert Einstein

The chapel atelier is set in the grounds of Escrimis, only yards from the main house, a building described by locals as a 'bourgeois maison'. The property sits on the top of the valley ridge with breath-taking views of the French countryside. On clear days the snow topped Pyrenees mountain range can be seen some 90 kilometres away. In the summer Escrimis is surrounded by fields of sunflowers, vineyards and sweeping meadows of maize softly blowing in the breeze.

The chapel has recently undergone an extensive renovation. Completed at the end of 2019, it provides a sizeable space for a number of uses. The interior has a high ceiling of natural wood with hanging wrought iron chandelier lights. With creative use in mind, specially installed spotlights with daylight bulbs provide a perfect light source for artists. The mellow limestone walls, two to three feet thick, keep the building cool during warm days. Stone columns and a preserved section of original hand painted decoration on ancient lime plaster retains its historic atmosphere.

​The moment you enter the chapel not only do you  feel a sense of tranquillity and beauty, but you are also aware of the fascination of its past history. It provides the perfect ambiance for artists and creative people.

​The generous floor space provides plenty of room for tables and easels, allowing each artist the luxury to work comfortably. Despite being an ancient building there is excellent Wi-Fi and facilities for refreshments.

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