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Azure Ryder 'Dizzy' Video Shot At Escrimis La Chapelle, France

2nd March 2020

How exciting, this week we feature in a new music video launched by Island Records. The very beautiful Australian newcomer, singer Azure Ryder, visited Escrimis back in October 2019 to use our lovely surroundings as a backdrop for a photo and video shoot. Azure and entourage had to endure some rather dull autumnal weather but were not deterred. It was an experience to see how much work it took to create a short music video. The creative crew that accompanied Azure consisted of a creative director, video cameraman, stills photographer, stylist, make-up artistic and hairdresser and Azure's management. Every morning there was much discussion as to the outfits of the day, a huge assortment had been brought out from London. Azure had to brave the chill and dance about the meadows in some very flimsy outfits whilst keeping that lovely smile for the camera. At the end of a few long and exhausting days of filming it was fun to gather around the large kitchen table at Escrimis for supper, a few bottles of our delicious local wine and a chat over the days filming.There was much laughter.This is Azure's debut single for Island Records and is titled 'Dizzy'.

Photograph©Island Records

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