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Our French Lockdown Continues.....

Well, we are over 5 weeks into the lockdown here in France and time seems to wiz by for us. We hardly see a human being, perhaps only once a week if we venture to the local shop. Remember we are in very rural France, very quiet at the best of times!.

We are so lucky that there are so many things to do here at Escrimis. Spring is in full mode and everything is growing like mad, it is hard to keep up with the mowing and weeding. The vineyard that looked so bare only a few weeks ago is bursting with fresh green leaves and buds, expanding magically before our eyes daily.

Alan has been very busy in the grounds after a full day's work schedule online with his office. He has pruned over 130 bushes over the past few weekends (we know its not the right time but its now or never!).

I have been out on the tractor mowing for hours but have also made time in the afternoons to go into the Chapelle and paint or create something.

I am currently recreating the botanical decoration that once adorned the chapel walls. During the restorations we were able to save as small section of the decorated lime plaster. The chapel would have at one time been highly decorated with this rather simple design of Fleur de Lys and oak leaves. We have no idea of how old the section is but given that the chapel has not been used as a church for hundreds of years, its all pretty old. I traced the designs and am now using fabric paint in a similar colour to recreate more of the pattern onto a long vintage linen banner that will hang alongside the plasterwork.

Another project I must get on with this week (the forecast is not so good so an appropriate time to do this) is to finish off upcycling an old chair that was given to me by a friend last year. The chair is lovely and looks great sitting in the library here. I had an old piece of fabric with a very French looking toile pattern and have recovered the chair after treating it for woodworm and giving it a good polish. I now need to secure the fabric, not an easy task as I have no training in upholstery. It a case of learning as you go along and having a go. I have already covered another two chairs and am pleased with the end results. Its amazing what you can do to liven up tired old chairs.

Anyway, on with the chores.Keep well and safe.We are thinking of all those working hard out there in the community and all those who are struggling.


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